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Book. "Creator fire, killer fire" read online

Creator fire, killer fire

Mariya Evtushenko

Series: Who are demons and where do they come from

Story about:demon, very frankly, genie

Age restriction: 18+

78 547

#41 in Erotic Supernatural
#229 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 08 Aug 22 pages

Publication: 02.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Creator fire, killer fire"

About strawberries and the genies' ability to grant wishes.
Trappers never know which of their assignments will be their last. Nor did Maya know this...
At the request of her friend Olivia, she agrees to the next task of the Wanderers. She doesn't know yet what she will be drawn into and how many trials she will have to overcome. Who is the manipulator that controls her like a puppet and how she can remain herself in all this.


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