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Cross Connection

Anie Styles

Story about:contractmarriage, indiangirl, foreigner

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#686 in Contemporary Romance
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Publication: 15.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Cross Connection"

Their story started a miles apart with varied problems but ceased when they cross-connected with each other because of the dreams they both have strived for years.

Aarna belongs from a typical, cultural family from India where she learned about the thresholds for girls which should always be dignified. With only a dream striving to become a successful working woman stamping her worth to her family. She decided to follow her dreams and left India.

Xavier belongs from a rich, polished and loaded family ruling the world of business. He's the kind of his world not caring about anyone not even himself. His priority is his work and only work. His only dream is to make his father proud of him.

When they both meet spark flies but their hearts connected cause it's not only the cross-connection


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23.02.2022, 11:11:18

Hello Author,
U see we R readers, we can only xpress our emotions through comments!!! Maybe U don’t know that when we Readers are tired after a long day work, this book is our Only Solace which promotes us to move on at the end of the day; no matter what issues lie ahead!!!...Sope, I beg U Darlo, plz dooo update & let us know more regarding Xavier & Aarna's relationship...The prologue was absolutely Greattt & I'm eager to know how sparks are gonna fly between them & whether they'll have a happy ending or not!!! & even, what's the cross-connection between them...Alas Dear, BLESS U & I do have to admit that you are one of The Best Authors, I'd ever witnessed in Booknet...LOVE LOVE!!!
THANK U!! :)

Swati Singh
04.09.2021, 16:28:26

prologue is interesting great work by... update soon

Anie Styles
04.09.2021, 16:42:49

Swati Singh, sure

sana vibhore
02.09.2021, 14:28:46

it is amazing story..i really loved the prologue

meez ee
16.08.2021, 12:39:38

why no update?

16.05.2021, 09:15:09

Nice story author(~ ̄³ ̄)~

Anie Styles
16.05.2021, 13:03:16

Akshu, thank you

Ishika Mamurkar
20.04.2021, 14:07:44

Good start author... keep it up..

Anie Styles
10.05.2021, 07:33:18

Ishika Mamurkar, Thanks

Pooja Singh
21.04.2021, 11:25:52

Nice start

Anie Styles
10.05.2021, 07:33:07

Pooja Singh, Thank you

Prncss Sophie
04.05.2021, 10:17:17

nice story author !!
plz update

Anie Styles
10.05.2021, 07:32:50

Prncss Sophie, Thank you love

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