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Ongoing: 18 Nov 30 pages

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In a very unexpected way, two different people met each other because of a twist that would change their lives forever. A very wealthy and arrogant CEO of a company of luxury cars, Jordan, happened to be the person that Police Officer Delilah have been looking for in two years. Witness how the death of Delilah's father became the hook that will catch them into a complicated love story.

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PenTapped 06.11.2020, 19:58:33

Hola! Thank you for all the support for my first published story. I hope you continue to read it and like it because it means so much to me. :) ♥

Isabella Fennimore 06.11.2020, 19:22:43

I love this story....will be eagerly waiting for the updates!!

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PenTapped 06.11.2020, 19:26:25

Isabella Fennimore, Thank you so much! I'll try to update often.

PenTapped 30.10.2020, 18:44:08

The shortest update ever. Happy Halloween?

Amulya Vasan 10.10.2020, 14:52:37

umm nice story really like it pls continue

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PenTapped 11.10.2020, 19:31:27

Amulya Vasan, Thanks! I will continue, of course :)

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