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"The uprising of darkness, is had already begun"

The prophet Tarsiel has come from the mysterious super continent, Ashar, to bring a message to the high king of Hemreans about the uprising of the once feared, Blight. However, when he knew about the high king's death. A summoning of all royalty around Hemrea was conducted to elect a new high king. But that didn't go as well as Tarsiel had hoped in the dark night of the purple castle. He didn't knew that the blight had already corrupted a man in the castle.

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Kim Miller 04.08.2019, 19:29:40

prince who doesn´t like to live as a prince

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L.M.A 05.08.2019, 01:17:11


Charles Johnson 13.07.2019, 22:10:30

You write very good

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L.M.A 14.07.2019, 02:36:22

Thank you!!!

Roza Csergo 06.07.2019, 10:14:15

Letters to oneself is a nice way to skip monologue and show feelings.
Thumbs up.

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L.M.A 06.07.2019, 14:53:57

oh okay. I think it's kinda my mistake that I didn't notice/realize that. but still I'm glad that you're liking my story thank you Roza Csergo.

Drew 02.07.2019, 13:55:17

will you update soon?

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L.M.A 02.07.2019, 14:07:59

yeah I currently have the prologue 2 and chapter 1 as a draft now I just need to edit and publish them on July 6, 2019.

Sam Holte 29.06.2019, 20:55:08

waiting for more

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Sam Holte 30.06.2019, 16:07:25

L.M.A, yeeeees

Roza Csergo 29.06.2019, 14:28:30

I liked the prayer they said for the dearly departed.
I added your story to my library. Hope you update soon.

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L.M.A 30.06.2019, 03:11:15

I update every Saturday. :)

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