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Raegan Turner was an ordinarily human girl - according to the records at least - until she got in an accident - she woke up to find her fantasies come true. The life as she knew it was no more. She should've been running in the opposite direction but the lure of those blue eyes was inexorable. It couldn't be - could it? ...
Valiance D'evreux had lost all hope. He'd always prided himself for his optimism and open-mindedness. But it happens to the best of men - or in his case; a caged beast. Until that day. A ray of sunshine had finally shone upon his frozen heart - Thawing him back to life. Could it be? It couldn't...
Two worlds colliding to join two people sharing two halves of the same soul.

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Olivia Gordon Reid 31.10.2020, 16:14:21

This seems very interesting! Please update soon!

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Olivia Gordon Reid , Thank you olivia. I will update soon

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