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Custom Made For You

Vodka Gin

Story about:mystery romance, trauma, psychology

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Ongoing: 21 Jan 90 pages

Publication: 28.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Custom Made For You"

Tolmer Senikos is just your average guy. He's a designer living a normal life. Until, one day, he unexpectedly managed to catch his boss's eye. And, also, somehow managed to steal his heart. Yet, Tolmer was hesitant to accept him when the thing he had feared all his life came back to haunt him.

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Roe Petal 19.11.2020, 12:42:26

This is a fun mental image >:"D

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Vodka Gin 19.11.2020, 12:44:15

Roe Petal, The one where Vastel is wearing a pink unicorn onesie? Yes, yes it is

Roe Petal 24.10.2020, 13:26:48

So...are we going to just forget that he has a brother...?

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Vodka Gin 24.10.2020, 13:29:07

Alex Riverna, oh, no, no, of course not! You'll see.... Soon enough ;)))

Roe Petal 24.10.2020, 13:26:09

Roe Petal 24.10.2020, 13:25:31

Okay, what-

Mehlline 06.10.2020, 12:42:44

Do what???? And bro, he's the CEO dammit......

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Vodka Gin 13.10.2020, 13:42:37

Mehlline, Read on to find out ;)

Mehlline 06.10.2020, 12:39:10

Well ya need to realise, HE's the CEO

Mehlline 06.10.2020, 12:34:28

True but it about to get better????

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