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Cynthia my love

Anne Adefesobi

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love, dream, romance


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Publication: 16.07.2020 — 20.07.2020

Description of book "Cynthia my love"

They started walking toward the front section of the hall - walking toward
where the woman had pointed and I wondered who they were going to meet.
They reached a table and stood in front of it. The guy's mouth moved before
turning into a smile. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a girl in a pink and black
long gown, white and black twisted hair rushed to him and gave him a tight hug.
They stayed like that for almost a minute before breaking apart.
The girl's back view looked extremely familiar and this wasn't a matter of I
don't know where I had seen her. My head had started aching but I told myself to
keep calm what if she isn't the one. 70℅ part of me said it was her but the
remaining 30℅ was saying no. I wanted to see her face. The suspense was
killing me. If I didn't see her face in the

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