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Da Vinci's Last Wish

Phoenix Heard

Story about:angels, devil, deity

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#418 in Paranormal Romance
#34 in Dystopia

On Hold: 07 Mar 7 pages

Publication: 07.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Da Vinci's Last Wish"

Da Vinci's Last Wish is a story of a visit to Heaven and Hell.

Michael Da Vinci hibernates himself to the point where he missed the judgement day, that only means, he's still alive and he survived the Armageddon in the easiest way. The past he held has great things to do with his future, and that future is today. His first visit to heaven has been written.

A modern man, an ancient deity, a black unicorn, a lovely princess, and a god--stirs their way to grant Da Vinci's last wish.

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