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Publication: 22.05.2020 — 17.08.2020

Description of book "Damaged Beyond Repair"

He was her teacher. She was his student.
But, that's where the problems only begin.

Alana Hayes has everything worked out when she transfers to the university; Sassy and strong, she just wanted to get through college, but finds herself falling head over heels in love with the professor.

Rowan Masters is anything but normal. He is sexy and he knows it. The ladies adore him from afar as they know there's something hiding behind those mocha eyes. He is good with keeping appearances, but Alana sees through the tough exterior. And although she knows that her growing admiration for the professor is wrong, she is ready to unveil past secrets and lies.

Are there any redeeming quantities in him or is he damaged beyond repair?

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Rizza Garcia 24.09.2020, 06:55:57

Nice one

Emojong Mary Florence 19.09.2020, 19:55:31

I really love the book. Too bad I can't explain how much I LOVE it

Swati Kumari 17.09.2020, 08:32:00

he love you mention the characters I like and now I'm in love with your story, specially because you mentioned my fav "one direction"
oh god I love this story

Rose Cruz 16.09.2020, 02:34:30


Izzy 14.09.2020, 14:14:31

Wow, brilliant story! It’s beautifully written :))

Bhomira Mehta 13.09.2020, 18:14:56

I loved reading this, i wish it has second part as well.

Eloisa Tanlu 13.09.2020, 03:03:04

I like the story and the length was just right. Thank you. I enjoyed reading it. Hope you do another one.

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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 13.09.2020, 13:45:03

Eloisa Tanlu, thanks :) glad you enjoyed reading it. You can check out my other works on my profile.

Ramya Patel 13.09.2020, 13:43:32

It was like an addiction that is dragging me to read this anxiously..... nd nd I could never take in the word end :( since I became connected to every character.

Deepa Kala 10.09.2020, 18:10:02

Maria Rey 07.09.2020, 19:39:57


Betty Maingi 07.09.2020, 07:10:59

Waaaow! I love it. Can't believe that it has come to an end. is there a book 2 please?

Monique 07.09.2020, 04:56:47

I felt like I've read this on wattpad buh yanno nun wrong w reading it twice

Katerina Velanis 04.09.2020, 11:08:53

Loved this book. Loved the characters and how we got up know them. Someone who seems so strong on the outside, you just never know their story. Their demons. I glad for the last few chapters that tied up the loose ends :) Thank you. Would love to know if you have any other hooks here in the making or completed?

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The last comment in the thread:

Katerina Velanis 05.09.2020, 16:18:47

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash), Will do! :)

Chioma Odoemenam 02.09.2020, 20:45:10

this book is amazing

Jasmin Recinto 02.09.2020, 19:59:25

enjoy and love this story. Expecting for another one. Thanks

anindita Mandal 30.08.2020, 17:33:25

what a wonderful story

Beatrice Andress 30.08.2020, 05:24:39

Great story. Thanks

Beata Gos 29.08.2020, 08:55:59

Damage has been done to our emotions but already repaired, great story, thank you

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 29.08.2020, 22:01:20

Beata Gos, haha sweet :)

Vijay Kerji 26.08.2020, 15:10:12

Fast paced story! You wrote it well!

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 26.08.2020, 22:26:32

Vijay Kerji, thank you :)

Byner Kent 17.08.2020, 16:39:06

and this is bcoz Alana seems too desperate and the events surrounding her going to the professor's apartment seem so unreal and most annoyingly her doing the chores otherwise you're a good writer but you need to make us fall in love with the x-ters by making them more real so we cud easily place them in the original world

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Byner Kent 23.08.2020, 19:28:55

Byner Kent, well thanks for the reply though to be honest I really fell in love with the bad boy and the mermaid it's comical and seems real hope to read something similar from you I now understand first novels can be a bit uhrrr.......

Abhilasha Singh 21.08.2020, 18:54:36

its nyc n beatiful story like a web series where u r always curious to know whats next..

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Abhilasha Singh 23.08.2020, 19:08:24

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash), all my pleasure

Drashti Sosa 23.08.2020, 18:15:25

I jst love this story...there were a lot of places where i could imagine myself as alana ...this story made me gave a hope that everything falls in place in the end thank you kitty kash...i will never forget this story

Abhilasha Singh 23.08.2020, 15:42:12

loved the character of dwight. he reminds me of damon from vampire's dairy.

Prakriti Kalyaniyan 21.08.2020, 09:11:21

that was a very lovely happy ending I love it ,imagine their love in real life

niyati 20.08.2020, 13:09:53

the book is awesome ....feel like reading it thousand more time love with the characters n can connect with them very easily..... felt very sad when I was done reading the whole book .....keep going n write such awesome books .....virtual love

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 20.08.2020, 22:43:59

niyati, thanks so much for reading! glad you enjoyed :)

Sheeba Pratheesh 18.08.2020, 14:55:16

very very very good story

Byner Kent 17.08.2020, 16:33:17

this was the most annoying chapter

muna pwlychko 11.08.2020, 21:12:14

All your advice these last couple months helped me get over a hard time, inspired me to move on, and eventually got my ex to be my next girlfriend again, lol. Thanks, you the man ,for help reach ( )– Al Davis

Neha Garg 10.08.2020, 10:54:54

lovely story author. thanks

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 10.08.2020, 12:45:04

Neha Garg, thanks for reading :)

Miarza 07.08.2020, 07:33:49

I read it more thn 6 times in wattpad n still reading here!!! it never gets old... i love this storyy

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 10.08.2020, 12:44:52

Miarza, thanks dear :)

Eleanor Sale 07.08.2020, 08:13:10

Enjoyed reading the book. Entertainig

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 10.08.2020, 12:44:40

Eleanor Sale, thanks for reading :)

Nishu Jain 06.08.2020, 21:45:06

wow just loved reading this book...had a emotional roller coaster ride with story..cried at many place...but loved reading

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 06.08.2020, 23:20:00

Nishu Jain, glad you enjoyed reading :)

bs shruthi 04.08.2020, 07:37:09

It was a roller coaster ride reading this book. Thank you for this book dear..while reading, lived some moments like break up and also learned how to be hopeful in life. One of the best books I have read.
Loved your writing skills. Loads of love

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 04.08.2020, 11:42:23

bs shruthi, Thanks so much! :) glad you enjoyed reading it.

Emmanuel Modesty 04.08.2020, 05:26:24

How can I download the book please??

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 04.08.2020, 11:41:52

Emmanuel Modesty, I haven't enabled the downloading for the book yet. You can read it online.

Mansi Bhalme 01.08.2020, 15:05:12

Hello Kitty Kash....I personally wanna let you know that you are blessed with mesmerizing writing style and I'm terribly in love with your books. Undoubtedly I can say that DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR is the best of many books I read so far. I think ur the most promising writer and my favourite one. Please keep writing...
ur Fan.

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 01.08.2020, 20:25:36

Mansi Bhalme, Thanks so much love, that really means a lot to me :)

naomi Banks 31.07.2020, 18:51:56

Hello Kittykash, just want to say I love it, and I'm glad I decided to read it, believe it or not I actually learnt a couple of things and I really appreciate you putting out this book, it's amazing, looking forward to yours, cheers

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 01.08.2020, 20:25:03

naomi Banks, Thanks so much for the lovely message :)

Teja Rani 30.07.2020, 17:43:43

it's amazing but I thought he would be fully recovered by the end.

Thëê Qúéën 29.07.2020, 23:35:15

Literally I didn't expect it to end that way but I couldn't stop reading it... it's awesome it's amazing fantastic all the sweet words you could think of. I loved it ❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 30.07.2020, 13:38:48

Thëê Qúéën, Thank you! :)

Sahia Carty11 29.07.2020, 02:13:40

welllsurree lol

Justice 28.07.2020, 21:57:59

it was a beautiful story...I loved it...I even cried reading it

Jo Nic Facun 27.07.2020, 06:27:11

sanila rajesh 27.07.2020, 05:01:18

wow...superb story...i love this

Queen Lizzy 25.07.2020, 19:04:14

I love this storyyy... Great Job

Nabbosa Esther 24.07.2020, 14:36:54

Thank you author, Alana is a fighter, one thing I know is our people are not easy to deal with but if one stands up and supports them it's very touching. I know because I am a psychiatric nurse and I love my people, so thumbs up to all who stand to support our people.

I wish I could meet Alana, I would really give her a big hug coz she deserves it, she is a fighter, I wish them the happiest marriage

thanks author for this wonderful book, u deserve a very big HUG, u r so great, keep it up

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 25.07.2020, 12:32:50

Nabbosa Esther, thanks so much for the lovely message! :) means a lot!

Sujatha Crafts 23.07.2020, 19:22:06

Oh my god this is one interesting story. I was not able to stop until end. It's very addictive. Great work ☺️

Izzy 23.07.2020, 04:07:00

Wow, this book is truly amazing. I love your writing style, I think it’s fantastic! And I just can’t stop reading this book. I really love it so much ❤️

Edmond Bey 22.07.2020, 20:01:41

Can't get enough of your book really love the story

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 22.07.2020, 23:30:39

Edmond Bey, thank you :)

Charlize Moodley 19.07.2020, 22:48:37

loved this book please add more chapters

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 19.07.2020, 23:53:41

Charlize Moodley, Thanks! And this book is already complete :)

krissa 18.07.2020, 20:47:59

niece???? I thought daughter

Kirti Nanwani 18.07.2020, 17:20:55

awesome book

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