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Publication: 22.05.2020 — 17.08.2020

Description of book "Damaged Beyond Repair"

He was her teacher. She was his student.
But, that's where the problems only begin.

Alana Hayes has everything worked out when she transfers to the university; Sassy and strong, she just wanted to get through college, but finds herself falling head over heels in love with the professor.

Rowan Masters is anything but normal. He is sexy and he knows it. The ladies adore him from afar as they know there's something hiding behind those mocha eyes. He is good with keeping appearances, but Alana sees through the tough exterior. And although she knows that her growing admiration for the professor is wrong, she is ready to unveil past secrets and lies.

Are there any redeeming quantities in him or is he damaged beyond repair?

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Annie 04.06.2020, 05:29:21

hey it's really a emotional chapter i have been crying after reading it..I just hope rowan recover soon and come back to alana they both look more better together

Nkoli Oguagha 03.06.2020, 19:24:53

I've been waiting for d 2nd update. So excited for this.

ann-marie Harbansingh 03.06.2020, 16:10:34

OMG! I am so heartbroken for both of them. I understand why he did what he did but the least he could have done was tell her instead of leaving her so broken

Shiza Naeem 03.06.2020, 15:04:30

Never thought of this twist

Layla Inaya khan 03.06.2020, 12:50:00

Wow this book has taken a turn.... Can't wait for thee next chapter to know what happens. Please update as soon as u can . ❤

Mystic mist 03.06.2020, 12:37:03

Well Alana now officially has the right to hate Rowan and move on... I mean he atleast could've informed her!!!! I am so much dying for the next

Layla Inaya khan 03.06.2020, 10:20:49

Next update please

ann-marie Harbansingh 02.06.2020, 17:27:45

Alana really cares for him cause a next breed of chick would leave his miserable, depressed ass right there. I hope Rowan learn to appreciate and value the extent to which Alana will go to protect both him and his daughter

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ann-marie Harbansingh 02.06.2020, 20:04:07

I think they will because he knows he has a problem and he knows she has his back and support. She has proven herself above and beyond

Layla Inaya khan 02.06.2020, 07:48:26

Update please .

Amaka Ngwu 02.06.2020, 06:38:45

Already loving it

ann-marie Harbansingh 02.06.2020, 01:29:55

Damn! Rowan needs a lot of help and fast too

Layla Inaya khan 01.06.2020, 21:50:05

Next chapter please

Mystic mist 01.06.2020, 20:15:49

It's getting soooo intresting.... can't wait for the next!!!!

Layla Inaya khan 01.06.2020, 14:58:19

Next update please

Layla Inaya khan 01.06.2020, 11:05:11

Can u updated soon can't wait .
More chapters please. U are doing an amazing job.

Shiza Naeem 01.06.2020, 01:52:58

I love the way how u update

Mystic mist 31.05.2020, 21:35:05

oh my god it's getting so serious... I feel so bad for Rowan but Alana did it right. I am so hooked into the book

Layla Inaya khan 31.05.2020, 19:49:20

Yeah please more chapters

Arpita 31.05.2020, 11:08:26

update fast and more chapters together

Layla Inaya khan 31.05.2020, 11:02:33

Update soon please

Rakel Malik 30.05.2020, 23:35:22

next chapter please

Ankita Marik 30.05.2020, 17:01:02


ann-marie Harbansingh 30.05.2020, 02:23:09

Claire sent you 2 messages and you still there playing physiologist, instead you get your ass out of there and fast.

Rowan is broken and the last thing he needs to see is Alana coming out of Dwight's room.
Damn foolish woman, he should give her 2 good slap

Shiza Naeem 29.05.2020, 15:30:47

The story takes interesting turns...❤️

ann-marie Harbansingh 28.05.2020, 23:59:52

it's strange but I didn't get a notification for this chapter. I literally had to check to see if it was updated and only then I saw chpt 15

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ann-marie Harbansingh 29.05.2020, 14:48:20

Andrew, Good Morning, I fully understand now. i do check my library often just to see what's new

ann-marie Harbansingh 29.05.2020, 05:34:57

Rowan need someone to love him unconditionally and I think that's when the healing will begin especially since he knows he have a problem but he doesn't know how to control his anger

adepeju-a o-israel 28.05.2020, 23:43:59

This story is already making waves. Hope Alana will not bring in a relationship with Masters

adepeju-a o-israel 28.05.2020, 21:20:48

Hope Alana hasn't got herself into a relationship with a freak! Well, let me continue with the story, hmmm, maybe ...

Nkoli Oguagha 28.05.2020, 14:21:27

Hope Alana is not a fool for love? So many people against their relationship and not speaking out why she should not date him. Rowan is not a lovable guy, too many mystery around him, and to me he doesn't act matured.

Jesse ne 28.05.2020, 13:32:23

ready for next update

ann-marie Harbansingh 26.05.2020, 21:04:37

This story is very emotional for me because I am seeing a young man that's troubled, rejected and have no control of his anger as much as he loved her and then there is this student that sincerely loves him beyond measures in spite of seeing all the signs in front of her

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 27.05.2020, 19:27:47

ann-marie Harbansingh, glad you're enjoying the story :)

Arpita 27.05.2020, 17:44:52

plz upload fast

Shiza Naeem 27.05.2020, 02:42:01

I loved this story

Nkoli Oguagha 26.05.2020, 15:02:46

Wow! This is cool. So excited for this story. Thanks for daily updates too.

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 26.05.2020, 19:15:28

Nkoli Oguagha, thanks for reading :)

sadaf 26.05.2020, 18:28:29

can't wait to read further

ann-marie Harbansingh 25.05.2020, 22:15:12

I love it! Can't wait for another update

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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 26.05.2020, 12:27:17

ann-marie Harbansingh, thank you :)

sadaf 25.05.2020, 21:37:04

update please!!!

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 26.05.2020, 00:44:57

sadaf, chapter 10 updated :)

Ashleh Queen guru 24.05.2020, 05:54:27

So, happy to see you here, hon. More success to your way

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 24.05.2020, 15:47:41

Ashleh Queen, thank you love :)

S. N. Nina Arthur 23.05.2020, 13:36:05

Welcome hon❣❣

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru 23.05.2020, 14:52:18

S. N. Nina Arthur, thank you! :)

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