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Book. "Dangerous Fate" read online

Dangerous Fate

Tam V

Story about:unexpected life changing events, witches and vikings, time travel love

Age restriction: 18+

2 14

#5675 in Romance
#2001 in Fantasy

On Hold: 15 May 18 pages

Publication: 28.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "Dangerous Fate"

Astrid was getting ahead in life, owning a little witchcraft shop in a small town. She was successful and proud of achieving all that she has.
The only thing she couldn't get a handle on was her powers, being a witch who sucked at witchy things was her forte.
Another witch corned her to cast a spell that sent her back in time. Waking up in a different era that was long forgotten in the past. It was a blessing in its own way.
Astrid met the man of her dreams, but she needed to go back home and continue with her life.
But what happens when the man of her dreams ends up following her back to her time?


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