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On Hold: 13 Mar 19 pages

Publication: 18.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Dangerous Tease"

Moving in a new condo in a half-full, luxurious complex couldn't be a better deal for Claire. She has no neighbors, nobody to bother her or look through her windows.
Not until he moves in. The man in the neighboring house whose living room faces hers. And he catches her in the middle of pleasuring herself with her favorite purple toy.
Claire is ready to raise a war, just to prove herself she can beat him, but she doesn't expect her intentions to turn into something completely different both she and her hot neighbor would enjoy.
When their game shifts into something more serious and Jace's complicated life gets in the way, Claire is pulled into a whirlwind of emotions, trouble, and deadly schemes.


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kinnari patil
21.02.2021, 20:05:38

Intresting plot …awaitinf the next chapter eagerly !!

21.02.2021, 21:43:51

kinnari patil, Thank you! I update three times a week - on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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