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Book. "Dark Desires From A Princess 2" read online

Dark Desires From A Princess 2

Amber M Kestner

Series: Gothic Princess & Angel

Story about:darkfantasy, fantasy, lesbian

Age restriction: 18+

6 33

#293 in Fantasy
#89 in Dark fantasy

Complete 18 pages

Publication: 29.01.2023 — 29.01.2023

Description of book "Dark Desires From A Princess 2"

Laila can't help wanting Princess Tessa the most beautiful Princess in Evigon. Laila is stuck in the castle and can't go back home since she is without her wings. Falling for Tessa is least of her worries, she has to keep her desires in check and keep her away from all the selfish Princess in other Kingdom's from stealing her girl.

What will become of Laila? Can she fight her love for Tessa?


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