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Book. "Dark Paradise.." read online

Dark Paradise..

Brooklyn Babe

Story about:billionaire loves, mafialove, lovehate relationship with billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

24 284

#951 in Contemporary Romance
#1786 in Billionaires

On Hold: 28 Jan 13 pages

Publication: 20.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "Dark Paradise.."

Ahana was the princess of Delhi mafia. But her brother kept her protected,away from the darkness of his world.he don't want anything to happen to her but what will happen when she entangled herself with two different billionaire.Sufiyaan Dixitis is the most eligible bachelor of Mumbai and CEO of his own company.He controls mafia of Mumbai.he gets everything he wants.he was 19 year old when his mother died when they were young from then he stoped worshipping.he loves killing people.he feels alive by killing traitor.Sitting inside his car watching outside,his eyes suddenly got on a beautiful girl.he could not look away from her smiling face was filled with emotion.his heart skipped a beat.he looked up again only to find she is gone.He decided to make her his. witness Ahana's life journey.


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Dream Soul
15.03.2021, 00:03:28

Why aren't you updating ppz update fast...

Brooklyn Babe
20.03.2021, 07:34:09

Dream Soul, hey...
I'm sorry but I don't have my own personal mobile so I can't update and I'm now high school student. so I don't get time to update..

Kyrie Knight
06.02.2021, 13:28:04

Hey!! Can u update everyday 1-2 chapters. Story is amazing. Plz update❣

Sri diaries
23.01.2021, 09:44:03

it's an amaizing story please continue it

Deepika Agarwal
22.01.2021, 09:26:04

Good start, looking forward to read more.

Brooklyn Babe
22.01.2021, 10:14:05

Deepika Agarwal , thanks bro*

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