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Book. "Dark Things: Dangerous & Killing!" read online

Dark Things: Dangerous & Killing!

Director West.

Story about:fictional, dark world, mysterious

Age restriction: 18+

55 572

#1180 in Mystery
#666 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 82 pages

Publication: 31.07.2019 — 31.07.2019

Description of book "Dark Things: Dangerous & Killing!"

Under the rule of a burden carrier, (the King). Silver city decides to separate itself with the rest of the world, as not allowing any changes made by the outsiders... technological advancements, food, laws and entertainment calling them the DARK THINGS in the book of laws. Cross with us through this amazing fantasy, as silver city face challenges from the outsider's government, rebellion groups and law breakers!


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AnnaRCase guru
23.08.2019, 02:49:06

Hi. Your opening line doesn't make sense the way it is written. Perhaps you could say something like Within the land that is separated from the rest of the world, in the middle of the day, its people are spotted, etc. It flows better if you combine the thought of the first line with the second. Just a suggestion. I applaud you for writing a book in a language that is not your first and l know English can be hard and doesn't follow the rules. :)

AnnaRCase guru
23.08.2019, 17:31:14

Director West., I wasn't meaning it as you disappointed me. No need to apologize. I was just giving you some feedback. I imagine it must be hard writing a book in a language that is not your first. I'm just here to help you out and give you pointers. Us writers need to have each other's backs and help each other out:)

AnnaRCase guru
23.08.2019, 02:51:02

It would be easier to read if you add a line or two of space between each quote and new paragraphs.

AnnaRCase guru
23.08.2019, 12:18:02

Director West., No worries. Just some suggestions.

Marilyn Lucero
20.08.2019, 16:38:51

I am afraid this Tessel would create problem in the future.

Director West.
20.08.2019, 23:02:21

am afraid too!

Douglass Millsap
31.07.2019, 15:07:42

your stories are always so original

Douglass Millsap
03.08.2019, 23:16:22

Director West., welcome

John Mitchell
02.08.2019, 16:52:53

she´s almost a master of visions

Roza Csergo
31.07.2019, 15:49:50

Just started reading this story and wanted to let you know that I enjoy it very much. Added it to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back? And if you like action-adventure fantasy stories then I welcome you to check out my ongoing books. Thanks

Roza Csergo
31.07.2019, 17:29:15

Thanks for checking out my story. Would you please consider following back?

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