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Dating The Legend

Untold Words

Series: Fan Girl Series

Story about:celebrity, hidden pregnancy, fangirl

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#146 in ChickLit
#306 in Inspiration romance

On Hold: 29 Oct 22 pages

Publication: 10.10.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Dating The Legend"

Fangirl Series #1

Sairin Jae Millena is Erizia's best friend. Eri, being the girl she is, kept on sharing pics of her celebrity crushes with her. Until one of them caught Sai's eyes.

Frey Wynston. He was just a year or so older than her. His sharp jawline. His thin, pinkish lips. His brown eyes and perfectly curved brows. His black curly hair that's always in different directions.

He acted in horror movies in his teens. He is also in a band. He…

Sai liked everything about him. She wanted to know more about him.

And now, she decided to move to Canada with Eri. When they were invited for dinner by their neighbors, the last thing that would be on her list is meeting her crush and yet it happened.


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