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Book. "Dawn of the New Moon" read online

Dawn of the New Moon

Poetic Mist

Story about:mythology, fantasy and paranormal romance, mates

Age restriction: 18+

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#310 in Romantic fantasy
#91 in Horror

On Hold: 12 Jun 4 pages

Publication: 01.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Dawn of the New Moon"

Werewolves are creatures feared since time ancient. They are vicious and wild but only come forth during the night of the full moon. They are creatures of the night and posses abilities far beyond what a human is capable of. But what if werewolves were not the strongest. What if there was a creature even higher in the hierarchy. The hunter of the hunter. Watch the story unfold as Eve and Bruce, mates for life, race against time to prevent an ancient beast, whose presence is a threat to everyone's existence, from awakening. Their task is herculean for they is one big obstacle they must overcome in order to achiever their goal. Will they be able to protect their people and safeguard the peace between the various clans? keep reading to find out.


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