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Book. "Deadly Poison " read online

Deadly Poison

Pratiksha Routray

Story about:the battle

162 7687

#15 in Crime fiction
#83 in New Adult & College

Ongoing: 18 Feb 352 pages

Publication: 15.07.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Deadly Poison "

Everyone has heard of the Godfathers the definitive representation of what it is to be an Italian Mafioso, from the dusty mountainside of Sicily to the posh New York avenues.
Lombardi and Romano family are the prime example of this. They did not do anything to be proud of; they started off from small-time smuggling and proceeded to assassinations and drug deals. This might lead to a bitter rivalry between the two, right? Wrong! Instead of being at each other’s throat, the two families decided to work together and increase the profits. They have been friends for decades and do not let any other group break their monopoly over the European underworld.
Will this friendship persist in the near future or some dark unknown and supremely powerful entity, way above their reach tears it to pieces?


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