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Ongoing: 22 Sep 38 pages

Publication: 06.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Dealing With Love..."

Precious Dare is a feisty, beautiful 23-year-old Nigerian who has been through a lot but finally wanted peace. She decides to flee to the other side of the world after being crushed by the one she thought would love her.

New York was everything she hoped for as she started her new life using her master's degree program as her excuse. However, she soon learns that the place has a lot more in store for her.

Ethan White is an arrogant, handsome billionaire who has everything he could ever want but no one to share it with. However, when she comes into his life, he soon learns that there's more to the world than making money.

What happens when these two meet most unexpectedly?
Will she accept this arrogant man who could have anything, or will they change their lives together?

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Roseline Zone
24.09.2022, 19:26:34

wow author, the way u write is so so amazing... I'm already in love with your writing.. just keep going... u re doing best :)