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Book. "Dear Teacher...." read online

Dear Teacher....

Marjory Bloom

Series: The Daddy series.

Story about:serialkiller, age gab, teacher student love

Age restriction: 18+

147 4596

#11 in Crime fiction
#865 in Romance

Complete 38 pages

Publication: 20.08.2022 — 11.09.2022

Description of book "Dear Teacher...."

Forbidden love story between History teacher Michael and his new student Jessica....
They both feel an undeniable attraction towards eachother from the moment theve met and they quickly give in to there desires but what will happen when young girls starts to get missing and found dead in the woods and HE becomes a suspect?


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gratus sum
24.12.2022, 11:02:00

Your stories are different from rest.
So beautiful

Marjory Bloom
24.12.2022, 10:06:10

gratus sum, well thank you!!

Payal Pradhan
14.09.2022, 14:04:20

awesome work author

Marjory Bloom
14.09.2022, 14:10:10

Payal Pradhan, happy you liked it! please follow me for more if you've haven't done yet;)

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