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Maria Yrish

Story about:sex mafia betrayal desire

Age restriction: 18+

9 12

#52 in ChickLit
#275 in Romantic erotica

Ongoing: 16 Apr 16 pages

Publication: 15.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Debauchery"

Alessandra Addison grew up in a conservative, believing and highly religious environment. She dedicated her entire childhood and adolescence to the church, ensuring that when she came of age she would be a nun. At eighteen she received a letter of admission to one of the most important monasteries in Canada. Upon her arrival, she finds herself in a world totally opposite to what she imagined, situations that take her to the limit: blood, mafia and sex is something you don't expect to find in a sacred place.
Jayden Glass is the cause of all this. He showed her the dark world that was hidden behind those walls. And now there are only two things left, run away or go down with him.

¿How much can be hidden behind those walls?


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