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Description of book "Deceit"

Meet 26-year-old charming bachelor, Giovanni De Luca. One defined as a secluded blue Moon diamond and almost impossible for your paths to collide with his. He undeniably reeks of luxury after all the surname De Luca is an eye candy to the public and wealth itself. Unfortunately for him life decides to humble him in a rather debasing manner, as he finds his multi-millionaire company on the verge of bankruptcy forcing him into a rash decision.

A decision which drags Rosalie Ravelosin into the picture. 21-year-old Rosalie Ravelosin struggles with the knowledge of being despised by both parents for reasons unknown to her and undoubtedly seen of less value by her co-workers. She's held captive by an emotional and financial struggle, and being dragged into yet another undesirable situation.

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Ajoke Makanjuola Nada
10.06.2020, 12:55:44

Wow beautiful ? please update

11.06.2020, 09:21:56

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada, Will do thanks

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