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December Third

Osaro Oghadeva

Story about:love, romance, shortstories

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Publication: 27.05.2021 — 27.05.2021

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Description of book "December Third"

“... Treading past the gate and into the premises of my prestigious university, Lagos State University, aka LASU, with an air of confidence and bubbly demeanor, I saw him and he saw me and I knew without a doubt that, that day, December Third, wasn't just any other day of the year!

December Third, two thousand and eighteen, was the day I fell in love!”


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Vishalakshi Raju
10.06.2021, 07:36:34

amazing story author, I really enjoyed reading it

Osaro Oghadeva
11.06.2021, 20:36:26

Vishalakshi Raju, Thank you for reading. Please check out my other stories in my profile.

Ayomide Aransiola
27.05.2021, 11:31:19

Nice book it is, but the location you used caught my attention, cause i've lived around there before.

Osaro Oghadeva
30.05.2021, 19:57:06

Ayomide Aransiola, Wow... Nice! Glad to know you've lived in the same setting as the story!

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