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Delilah`s tune

Викториан Мур

Story about:
love, mystery, androids


Age restriction: 18+

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#12 in Space opera
#86 in Romantic mystery

Complete 28 pages

Publication: 08.12.2018 — 21.07.2019

Description of book "Delilah`s tune"

This is a story about human being and thin line between.

A spaceship came from the nothing. And it was a tune spreading through my ears. And there was only my name. I am called Delilah, I was called somewhere, where my memory can`t get to. Travel from the nowhere, through nowhere, and to nowhere. And an attempt to get a point of my life in cold space and near those burning stars. A point to get my life back, wherever it was, or whatever it is.

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Amie Knight 08.07.2019, 21:37:44

can you publish more chapters when you update?

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Викториан Мур 21.07.2019, 21:55:28

The very soon is the final of a story. Thank you for appreciating of my short book the "Delilah's tune".

Dennis Norman 07.07.2019, 18:40:40

too much time waiting for new chapters

The last comment in the thread:

Викториан Мур 07.07.2019, 22:08:12

Dennis Norman, I`m sorry I feel lack of inspiration and ideas.

Викториан Мур 05.04.2019, 15:50:43

Thanks for visitng :) Enjoy the reading.

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Ashley Lewel 06.04.2019, 20:14:00

Викториан Мур, publish more please

True Match 05.04.2019, 13:10:30

very goo, I want more

Tim Lawson 04.04.2019, 21:04:26

extremely interesting

Tasha Nickolson 03.04.2019, 17:31:32

very interesting

Asha Kumar 02.04.2019, 14:58:21

nice beginning

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