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On Hold: 21 Jun 67 pages

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Description of book "Demon Empress And Her Human Hunk"

“Aww… Daksh, the efficient hunk, got scared of my little prank… hmm?” Hearing this Daksh lost his cool and came close to her face. He engulfed her face with his both hands on her cheeks and said in cold intimidating tone, “Don’t you ever try to do this kind of prank on me!!!Got that!!! ”He didn’t even wait for her to say anything and just dashed back to his apartment… Well Misha was kind of in trance at Daksh’s reaction . It was hard to comprehend what just happened, Why her heart is beating crazily now and why it felt like it stopped beating when Daksh was close to her ,covering her cheeks with his huge hands.

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Misha Golden
11.03.2021, 11:23:59

Thank You @ Rizu Kumari for liking my story and my all lovely readers for sparing your time here.I genuinely appreciate you guys.

Add the book to your library,comment and like if you feel like it.

May we all have awesome days ahead:)

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