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Book. "Devil's Dark Love ||kth||(king Of Darkness)" read online

Devil's Dark Love ||kth||(king Of Darkness)

Sofy Hian

Story about:angel, darkromance, devilking

Age restriction: 18+

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#24 in Dark fantasy
#3 in Fanfiction

Complete 125 pages

Publication: 07.09.2022 — 23.09.2022

Description of book "Devil's Dark Love ||kth||(king Of Darkness)"

A devil king falls in love with an angel. She was pure, innocent, and beautiful. He makes her fall for him & marry her, making her his Queen.

But things become worse when she gets to know that her husband never loved her, yes his love for her was his trap, it was fake. He traps her so that he can gain her powers & her land. She gives her everything to him after knowing his truth. After he achieves his goal he throws her out of his life & marry another girl. When Y/n was broken, she never thought that his love for her is fake. He hurt her so much but still, her love for him never faded away.
She sacrifice herself for him & he started regretting hurting her. ( My Wattpad one is edited now kinda & still under editing)


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04.01.2023, 06:36:53

I want y/n to know the truth of her previous life that how Taehyun betrays her. and Taehyun ask her forgiveness and after some time she forgive him, and she also meet her brother and also visit to angles land

Nessy Lee
24.09.2022, 18:52:25

Comment has been deleted

Jeni Tn
18.09.2022, 19:29:59

Hii Author I'm also a bts army ,I want to ask you that will u give the happy end to this story ? I want Y/N and Mr Tae together

Sofy Hian
23.09.2022, 17:08:09

Jeni Tn, welcome sweetie

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