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Description of book "Diablo "

Wardah Zaman never expected to catch the attention of the Boss of Legion, Huzaifa Ibrahim. Her fierce attitude and sharp tongue land her in the crosshairs of the most notorious gangster to walk on this planet.

A bloodthirsty Huzaifa desires nothing more than to annihilate Wardah. He won't back down to exploit her and make his position strong into the cruel world of the Mafia.

She was the key to the throne of the underworld. The weakness of the Vipers, and he would do everything to get her in his grasp. Suleiman's Kingdom was going to fall and Wardah Zaman was going to be Huzaifa's weapon of destruction


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Dr-Hana Khalid
02.09.2021, 13:35:16

Hope so Wardah change her mind and marry Huzaifa

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 17:37:41

Dr-Hana Khalid, am sure she will do... because now Huzi will manipulate her with his everything... then she will choose him and will end up loosing her family.... and heartbroken

gargi shah
02.09.2021, 14:22:02

He plans to break her after marriage ? dude if Wardah is hurt or left you, you will be broken too.. you have skin in this game too ?

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 17:34:22

gargi shah, don't know what will he do .... and maybe end up regretting....

gauri sharma
02.09.2021, 15:29:39

I really don't like Huzaifa ryt now. Manipulating some one into a marriage for some rivalry is so petty, hope she doesn't fall for it.

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 17:32:05

gauri sharma, I want him to find another way instead of manipulating her and turning her against her own family

Kamalpreet Kaur
02.09.2021, 17:28:03

this story is amazing author...can't wait to see what happens next..

Prerna Malhotra
02.09.2021, 15:39:23

I am loving how the story is turning about everything and everyone!

Sadiya Fahad
02.09.2021, 15:38:46

Ohhh my the story is getting more and juicy I am loving it so excited to know how the events will turn....

Rakhshanda Hafeez Khan
02.09.2021, 15:16:24

To intimate a relationship with malice will lead to his doom. An IAS cadre should be more smart and strong then diablo o guess.

Syeda Noorah
02.09.2021, 15:08:08

Huzaifa wants to break wardah after marriage...I thought he is genuinely in love with her but no I'm wrong...huzi is in love with her but his ego is so big that he is not going to accept it...
Let's see what happens and plz tell us the reason of salahuddin hatred towards huzaifa...

Shraddha Joshi
02.09.2021, 14:37:33

really. ......... so Huzi is bad boy....... my god how could he do this.....

Mohitha S
02.09.2021, 13:51:28

Honestly saying huzaifa doesn't deserve her because men like him can never let go of their ego. Ego destroys one's life. No offence to huzaifa's fans here. I just stated my opinion don't take it in a negative way and I have no grudge against author too ^_^

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 14:35:37

Mohitha S, am also feeling angry towards Huzi now, cuz I don't want her to be heartbroken after that

Divya Jain
02.09.2021, 14:09:19

i am damn sure he'll appear
waiting for it

Pooja Singh
02.09.2021, 13:52:18

Eagerly wait for next update so what comes to next update to make this story more interesting...

saba iqbaal
02.09.2021, 13:33:30

amazing Chapter author....can't w8 for next encounter of wardha and huzaifa

Ansara Khan
02.09.2021, 13:32:01

ohhh author I seriously can't watch huzaifa being successful in his plan!!!! No he shouldn't succeed in making Wardah go against her family!!! no no no this can't happen if huzaifa is the boss of legions he needs to understand that Wardah is also the Ice princess please author she shouldn't let huzaifa win in this !!!

02.09.2021, 13:25:34

Good read

kriti mehta
02.09.2021, 11:37:38

Huzaifa still wants to break Wardah but he doesn't understand in the process of breaking her he will ruin himself

02.09.2021, 13:17:32

udhaybir shahi, yeah me too.... It was unbelievable.... I like him in balika vadhu..... he has very good smiling face..... why God has to be this much cruel....

Usha Rani Mahapatra
02.09.2021, 13:02:55

Yahya was Right, huzi was digging his own Grave too by doing all of this...
I now seriously want Wardha to proceed with the wedding, only to make huzafia suffer...he wants to break her, let's see how long it would take to break his resolve after seeing Wardha marrying Fahad in front of him.. knowing Wardha whatever happens, she will never betrayed her brothers...she loves mann and shala too much to do that, huzi May perhaps get through her, but he can't convince her to leave her family for him..
This guy is crazy...he is really a great manipulator, his was planning all of this from Start...make Wardha fall for him, make her leave her family to be with him, and then break her from inside completely....he succeeded in first step, but now I want him to not succeed this time... I want Wardha to somehow get to know his real motive...

Arati Mancharkar
02.09.2021, 13:02:48

amazing story

Usha Rani Mahapatra
02.09.2021, 12:53:35

Huzafia didn't leave any choice to our Wardha, he was like, he will have her by crook or Hook. I was right all along, he was playing a game! But he himself Don't know the consequences of it...he was deeply for Wardha, he thought he wants to break her after making her fall for him but hell he doesn't know he will fall too bs of was going to be interesting to see what will happened next. I soo want to know, what's the matter between ushna and shalauddin huzi has any hand in it, which makes shala hates him soo much. I'm excited to find out ;)
Thanks for update author dear, love this chapter!! Can't wait for next one! ♥️

Azhagi Seetul
02.09.2021, 12:53:15

Happy Birthday Dear Author and thank You for those regular updates of Diabolo and Cian's Ruinous Love. May The Good Lord Bless You Always and keeps us entertain with Your Amazing Books.

Ishika Mamurkar
02.09.2021, 12:53:03

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIZA DII...Now come to update Well Huzi never hide his intention for breaking wardah.Nd he still not understand his feelings for her are Love or just desire...Diablo Story is taking new level of excited in me where I just want to only read nd read...Thank u for the update di..

Joy Odunwa
02.09.2021, 12:48:30

Poor Wardah, can just imagine what she's going through preparing for her wedding while her heart belongs to another can't wait to see how things play out. Blast update author, update soon.

Lakhan Sav
02.09.2021, 12:42:39

what's huzi's plan... huzi have must plan something before taking this step... I'm excited to know what will he do to make wardah choose him over her family... and gosh also am curious to know what happened between them 2 yrs ago that they hate each other guts so much... and also wanna know about Salahuddin and ushna..
super interesting update.. keep updating plz...

Shinning Pearl
02.09.2021, 12:42:30

happy birthday aliza .

Kaladiya Sama
02.09.2021, 12:39:24

awesome can't wait for the wedding and Also fitting

Sabby Yunus Ratlamwala
02.09.2021, 12:34:10

I agree with yahya huzy motives r all wrong fr wardah I hope the tables turn over...

Neeta Gharat
02.09.2021, 12:33:36

Happy birthday dear favourite author on booknet...

02.09.2021, 12:32:59

Thanks for updating

amrin ansari
02.09.2021, 12:15:54

HAPPY BDAY DEAR AUTHOR.....still huzi is adamant on breaking wardah and here i thought he is falling in love with her

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 12:18:24

amrin ansari, yeah... I kinda hating him now... how can he use her when he knows that she has feeling for him just to satisfy his ego?

02.09.2021, 12:17:33

Wish you many many happy returns of the day, dear author, though it's our day, you make our day by giving updates on both of your lovely stories. And I am also feeling that Warhah's wedding will be on blast so much to it and pls bring back our Ushna too. It's so thrilling what's going to happen next?

02.09.2021, 06:23:26

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Author...... Hope all your birthday wishes come true.....It's your special day get out there and celebrate........ Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today....... I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories.......

02.09.2021, 12:11:14

Aliza Jabri, :D

02.09.2021, 12:11:10

I thought huzaifa had real feeling for wardah but he is still struck to the idea of breaking her and making her break her brother's trust

Arundhati Sengupta
02.09.2021, 12:09:35

Situation becomes complicated. Don't want her to hurt Suleiman by taking a decision, but then also like to see her with Huzi and not fawad. Let's c what unfolds, waiting eagerly for next update.

02.09.2021, 12:01:41

it's like he isn't giving any choices to Wardah! Whether or not she marries Fahad.... he will hurt and break her... :( poor dimwitted jerk... BTW... Happy Birthday Author! May Lord shower world's happiness on you! :))

Ad MK Shafali
02.09.2021, 12:07:35

Wardah ,he won't leave u so soon dear , he planning how to get u "smirking emoji" , I wish I was in book to help Huzi , 'crying'

Shruti Mishra
02.09.2021, 11:50:54

happy birthday author, keep up ur good work and wish u huge success

kriti mehta
02.09.2021, 11:35:55

Happy birthday to one of the best authors in the world

Vasudha Mahana
02.09.2021, 11:36:04

Many many happy returns of the day:)

Usha Rani Mahapatra
02.09.2021, 11:35:29

Happy Birthday author dear! Many many happy returns of the day!! May ur all wishes comes true ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺️☺️☺️

mayuree b
02.09.2021, 10:38:19

Happy birthday aliza

Aliza Jabri guru
02.09.2021, 11:08:31

mayuree b, Thanks.

Shraddha Joshi
02.09.2021, 06:37:07

Happy Birthday Author......

Aliza Jabri guru
02.09.2021, 11:08:22

Shraddha Joshi, Thanks.

udhaybir shahi
02.09.2021, 05:11:53

Happiest birthday Aliza .... god bless you...

Aliza Jabri guru
02.09.2021, 11:07:58

udhaybir shahi, Thank you

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
01.09.2021, 21:34:24

Baar baar din ye aaye.. baar baar dil ye gaye.. tum jiyo hazaro saal, ye meri hai aarzoo... Happy Birthday to my fav :)) Have a blessed year...

Aliza Jabri guru
01.09.2021, 22:58:58

Shruti Gupta Agarwal, And you, too.

udhaybir shahi
01.09.2021, 20:34:56

our book is goin on no.2... and no. 1 in other two categories..... wohooo.... let seee what happened after next update

udhaybir shahi
01.09.2021, 20:32:49

update please author

Reema Trivedi
01.09.2021, 11:50:00

Dear Author..please update!!!

01.09.2021, 01:21:09

Update please. I wished is possible to like a million times.

Aliza Jabri guru
01.09.2021, 02:41:11

Chidinma, You can reward it, to like it more than once.

31.08.2021, 18:23:04

when he said "what about me" wow I just loved it...... iam very happy she is expecting respect and equality but how can she live a life without love...... love is the most important right..... maybe because of her control freak brother she is thinking like that...... I think maybe Mishy will help Diablo to kidnappe Wardha or help Wardha to escape with Diablo..... or maybe not..... lot of theories are coming up in my mind.... I don't know what is going to happen.....

31.08.2021, 20:59:16

udhaybir shahi, maybe..... may not be...... let see what's going happen..... iam very much desperate.....

Rudraneel Halder
31.08.2021, 17:40:37

I think Huzaifa will use his promise and ask for Wardah from Suleimaan. Or he will take action and try to drive a wedge between 2 mafia groups and then he will come and take charge of Indian mafia along with that marry Wardah. Any one option can happen.

Resmi Mukherjee
31.08.2021, 16:02:12

Ohhh! I m so worried about Wardah. She loves Huziafa....i pray for their unification.

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