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Book. "Dirty Little Secret" read online

Dirty Little Secret

AC Gray

Story about:crimemystery, crime and romance, erotic

Age restriction: 18+

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#2611 in Romance
#46 in Action thriller

On Hold: 28 Aug 191 pages

Publication: 20.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Dirty Little Secret"

Ace Shelton fooled Unice Venixe when she noticed that he was selling a house on social media. Despite having experienced hardship as a child, Ace did not expect Unice to change his entire life. The Heils Family, a relative of the Shelton Family, murdered his parents.

He met Unice Venixe and resided in his mansion's basement. He tricked her; she was first afraid of him because Ace said he was a killer. After all, Ace had no idea this was the girl who had taken his bait on social media. Everything changed when she trusted him after being at his house for a few months because she didn't have a place to stay, and the thing that changed Ace was to love her. He fallen for her and was obsessed with her; he don't want anyone to like her; He want Unice to be his lover, and he didn't expect her to

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23.08.2022, 08:43:22

I recommend this story! I like it!

AC Gray
23.08.2022, 08:48:32

Shirra, thank you!

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