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C.E. Newberry

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first love, second love, big bad


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#1262 in Romance
#194 in Contemporary fiction

On Hold: 10 Jan 47 pages

Publication: 28.12.2018 — ...
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Description of book "Disconnect"

In the small town of Groveton, Oregon, Deputy Isabelle Harper arrests her husband Jackson for robbery. For months, people whisper behind her back: they either admire her courage or can’t believe she arrested her own husband.

Twelve years later, Jackson is released on parole. Isabelle is in a relationship with Jackson’s younger brother, Avery, and taking on the town’s Big Bad, Vaughn, who has taken Jackson under his wing, once again.

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Sam Holte 24.01.2019, 20:41:07

good story

Sam Holte 24.01.2019, 20:41:07

good story

Tiffany Kole 22.01.2019, 13:34:50

very cool

Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 14:27:28

I'm disconnected

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:39:12

hope you'll publish more soon

Brian Downtown 11.01.2019, 22:54:21

very good

Heather Navy 10.01.2019, 22:28:20

in love

Drew 09.01.2019, 20:24:08

great trailer

Peter Andrews 08.01.2019, 21:57:31

good story, keep writing

Jeanette Adams 06.01.2019, 23:46:14

love the way you write

Samantha Ainsley 05.01.2019, 00:55:44

love it

Nina Ainsworth 03.01.2019, 22:57:25

very interesting concept

Jenny 30.12.2018, 16:27:19

oh, so nice

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C.E. Newberry 31.12.2018, 21:07:04

Jenny, thank you :)

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