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Publication: 08.05.2020 — 18.11.2020

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An eccentric scientist creates a state-of-the-art augmenting machine capable of cleaning the entire pollution of the world. His invention gets funding from a charismatic billionaire, but not everything goes according to plan as he falls madly in love for the very first time.

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noveltealover 18.08.2020, 23:50:38

Hi! Just copying my Book Nook review over to here. Please excuse my rambling or disorganized train of thought as I share my overall thoughts for the first five chapters. (I hope this is how it's generally done)! While sci-fi is not my goto genre to read even if I enjoy sci-fi films, Ch 1 of Disintegrate pulled me in instantly with Oliver contemplating whether he should jump off the building to end his life or not. This was not what I was expecting right off the bat and it was the main factor that drew me in because I wanted to know what would happen to Oliver. This chapter kind of reminded me of the opening scene from one of my fave comedy films where the main character checks into a hotel with the intention of leaping from the highest floor after recently separating from his wife whom he still loved very much (*spoiler* the main character doesn't of course & we can see that neither does Oliver). But in this case, Oliver was contemplating some death options due to the heartbreak and the pain he caused to his love, Grace. Just from Ch 1 alone, I found Oliver likeable and his narrative humorous as he described that jumping off a building would be the most painful way to go.

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noveltealover 19.08.2020, 17:27:37

Ryo Francis, You're most welcome! :) And oh, thanks for considering my suggestion haha. I really like how you incorporate Tagalog into the story and it all flows naturally within the dialogue. It gives the authentic feel and setting in the Philippines. And yes of course! I will finish your story in the upcoming weeks and share more of my thoughts since I'm actually taking a break from writing starting next week just so I can go through my library haha. Can't wait to reach the second act which is the part you had the most fun writing. And yes, of course I will follow you back. Thank you for following me. Till then! :)

K.R Webber 19.08.2020, 10:09:03

The premise is really cool. The characters and their motives are very natural. Oliver had a mystery around him regarding his memory and it was executed very well. The plot of Disintegrate is very simple and easy to follow. Conflicts and stakes are clear. And the story doesn't drag at all. Cruz was a very unlikable character. Unlikable in a good way. His character was handled well. The story is fast paced and exciting. Grace and Oliver have a great chemistry together. At no time I felt like it was unnatural. Oliver's twist in ending was awesome. I haven't found any flaw in the story.
Now, here are some areas I think this book needs improvement on. The writing style needs some work but it is acceptable because the author is starting his writing journey. Writing style is bound to get improved with time. This book has got good dialogues as well as some misplaced dialogues. But luckily, good dialogues are more than loose ones.
Overall, this book was a fun read with an interesting premise and well written characters.

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Ryo Francis 19.08.2020, 10:45:44

K.R Webber, thank u so much for your review — i will work on my writing to become better :)

Roza Csergo 18.08.2020, 22:44:33

First off all, congratulations dear author for creating this story. The use of advanced technology and our modern world has a nice blend.
I liked how you opened your story by granting us a glimpse into the main character's thoughts. This way you also showed us the side of his personality which tends to overthink things and be melodramatic. And we understand later how genius he really is.
I also like how you show the villain's goals and motives through bomblike twists that makes your jaw drop. Man, he's so cruel. But he has a great relationship with his henchmen, I sense mutual respect.
I also enjoyed the relationship between the love interest and her gay friend. This just creates a more believable world.
The story is fast paced and straight to the point, but as a fantasy lover I would've loved to read a bit more narration between the conversations and also description of the different settings.
DsNTgr8 is a really cool invention and the other technologies are super cool too.

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Ryo Francis 19.08.2020, 04:34:27

Roza Csergo, thank u so much — hope u can finish reading my story :)

Marilyn Lucero 07.08.2020, 09:19:09

Wow! I remember passing along Pasig River a few years ago. I hope Oliver can really clean it up with his disintegrating equipment.

Plume Alter 05.08.2020, 05:40:29

I love it because you are a Filipino. Mukhang magiging matalino ako after I've read this work of yours hahaha. I love Chapter 1. Looking forward for the next chapters.

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Ryo Francis 05.08.2020, 08:08:32

Plume Alter, Thanks for the kind words. Hope u can stick to the end of the story :)

Marilyn Lucero 27.07.2020, 01:50:23

Very gripping chapter. Typical of a Philippine politics.

K.R Webber 21.07.2020, 08:22:34

Great twist in the ending.

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Ryo Francis 21.07.2020, 11:37:26

K.R Webber, thank u so much :)

Vintage 20.07.2020, 14:24:45

I have been following your books for a while and they are pretty good.
Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

Marilyn Lucero 13.07.2020, 06:28:45

The first chapter is already gripping. I already love the author's writing style and I want to finish reading this book as soon as possible

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Marilyn Lucero 14.07.2020, 06:38:09

Ryo Francis, just make it natural. You have been in love:-)

HypGothic 14.07.2020, 03:03:44

OMG this does not happen to me but on reading the opening paragraphs of this book, I swear I got goosebumps. It is so moving, riveting, intense and beautifully written. I am looking forward to delving deeper into the ocean of this book.

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Ryo Francis 14.07.2020, 05:08:59

HypGothic, One of the best comment i got ever. Thank u, this mean so much to me. I have to admit the story needs a lot of reediting/polishing, but i think i was able to nail my landing with this one.

Marilyn Lucero 13.07.2020, 05:52:33

this description is already hooking.

Gracie Ella leonard 12.07.2020, 17:01:51

nice story dear❤. please follow me back and like my new book titled the blessing in disguise. you can save it in your library to receive future updates, would really appreciate it. thanks

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Ryo Francis 12.07.2020, 17:16:31

Gracie Ella leonard, i returned the favor — thanks for the follow

Luna 30.06.2020, 15:43:13

Hmm, I kinda like it. I'll keep the final verdict till after I finish the story but it's good till now ^_^

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Ryo Francis 02.07.2020, 08:54:47

Luna, thanks for reading :)
i'm still going to do some major editing with it to tie up loose ends like plot holes, continuity issues if any and add more details to the augmented world.

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