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Divorce Deal

Beoja V

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Description of book "Divorce Deal"

Its is about a lady named Tara. She has been married to Brian for eight years but her husband had an affair. The lady named Sarah told him she was pregnant for him and the man decided to let go of his wife or rather make the wife leave him so as to be with his unborn child since his wife couldn't give him one. How will it go?


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Nonkanyiso Bongeka
31.10.2021, 21:13:47

nice update but short and Brian you'll reap what you sow.

Beoja V
31.10.2021, 23:18:29

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, thank you and anytime. will always update as soon as i can

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
29.10.2021, 21:15:01

I love it , nice flow of the story I hope Brian won't regret about his decision.

Beoja V
29.10.2021, 22:22:54

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, Thanks a lot this means so much for

Bookworm Bui
29.10.2021, 13:21:18

tbh nothing much to comment since no detail at all about each character yet. Idk, sorry it seems not my cup of tea, but seems you should keep working really hard to invest more into your novel. Wish you all the best!

Beoja V
29.10.2021, 13:00:10

Thank you guys for the likes am so grateful.... thanks for the support

Seema Farheen
29.10.2021, 03:22:30

nice story.... what about stefans background his age his parents everything....and I don't understand why he is not telling her the truth

Beoja V
29.10.2021, 10:43:15

Beoja V, And am so grateful actually. This is my first time writing a novel. I know it might not be perfect but please bear with me. correct me whenever you see a mistake

Beoja V
22.10.2021, 18:10:31

Am seeing 330 readers but just two likes.... just a comment. please my people this is my first ever book atleast leave even a comment

Taylor hyland
26.06.2021, 12:16:00

oo its nice _ story.......

Beoja V
04.10.2021, 23:09:34

Taylor hyland, thank you

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