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Dominant (book 1)

Nia Shan


Story about:contract, dominance, sex and love

Age restriction: 18+

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#174 in Romantic erotica
#33 in BDSM

Complete 210 pages

Publication: 06.11.2020 — 24.11.2020

Description of book "Dominant (book 1)"

AGE: 20 years
OCCUPATION: Interior Designer for one of the top Design companies in California.
HOBBIES: Designing, Drawing, Dancing and dominating men

AGE: 24 years
OCCUPATION: CEO of Blake's Architecture, the riches architectural firm in New York.
HOBBIES: Bike riding, Hiking, Zip-lining, and dominating women.

The similarity between them? Yeah, they're both Dominants. What do you think will happen when they both strike a deal? They both sign the contracts and become one another's Submissive and Dominant? They give in to the physical temptation and give each other control over their sexual pleasuring?

When desire starts to flare consuming them in the bliss of being wrapped in each other’s arms and moulded against each other’s body?


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Danny Nat
13.05.2021, 15:07:28

I really loved this story! Starting book 2 with hope for a happy ending =)

Rupsa Roy
19.02.2021, 08:10:37

Wow..good story!!!

Nia Shan
19.02.2021, 16:30:03

Rupsa Roy, Thank you so much!

Lynn Austria
31.12.2020, 12:57:23

Congratulations ! ??? nice story, will read Submit now. Thank you. Take care and God bless us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nia Shan
31.12.2020, 16:19:08

Lynn Austria, Thank you so much. I look forward to conversing with you in book 2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year as well!

01.12.2020, 12:52:39

Great book. Well written. Has some very powerful themes that you have really expressed excellently. You get drawn into the characters emotions. I'm looking very forward to book 2. :)

Nia Shan
01.12.2020, 23:06:53

Katerina Velanis, Thank you so much for this detailed review of my book. I am glad you enjoyed my book and look forward to seeing you in book 2.

Precious Ria
20.11.2020, 07:15:36

Ah.. It's relaxing to read this as well lol. No dramas.No rivals.( yet) . It's nice reading stories like this ❤

Precious Ria
21.11.2020, 06:00:55

Nia Shan, Exactly my thoughts.

Flevia Evanson
19.11.2020, 15:00:51

so hot!

Nia Shan
19.11.2020, 19:22:03

Flevia Evanson, Ty! *wink*

Precious Ria
18.11.2020, 17:58:25

You are so good at writing . I can able to feel every emotion potrayed in this book especially this orphanage chapter.I'm glad i gave this book a try.

Nia Shan
18.11.2020, 23:35:22

Precious Ria, Thank you so much. I am happy the emotions I hoped to evoke are portrayed through my writing.

16.11.2020, 23:56:30

Am inlove with this book, please,if there is a part 2,pls let it be free,am hooked on the story, Amazing storyline.

17.11.2020, 22:26:15

Nia Shan, thank you so much

17.11.2020, 03:07:06

love it

Nia Shan
17.11.2020, 18:46:56

King Bizzaze, Thank you!

Precious Ria
15.11.2020, 13:46:19

Hey Nia ! Love your book. When is the next update?

Precious Ria
17.11.2020, 07:52:59

Nia Shan, ❤thats lovely

Musa Kampamba
10.11.2020, 10:18:05

Amazing and way cool

Nia Shan
10.11.2020, 15:28:23

Musa Kampamba, Thank you! (^_^)

D Sapphire
09.11.2020, 05:10:59

ooh my god!!! he is her roomie (☆▽☆) aah can't wait to see both of them on same bed ( ╹▽╹ )(≧▽≦)(◠‿◕)

Nia Shan
10.11.2020, 02:43:24

Kavita Yenurkar, Great!

Faith Eroje
09.11.2020, 23:32:10

i love the book already but before I go any further in reading I would like to know if there will be a part two cos I have two stories already that I couldn't complete cos thier part two wasn't free and I couldn't pay for it cos my currency differs

Faith Eroje
09.11.2020, 23:49:34

Nia Shan, okay thank you

D Sapphire
07.11.2020, 08:23:36

ooh gosh it's dominant ooh just wow. (☆▽☆) please tell me the update schedule (≧▽≦) very much interested in the book (◠‿◕)

Nia Shan
08.11.2020, 01:56:24

Kavita Yenurkar, You're Welcome!

Asuka sofia
06.11.2020, 22:41:16

Just saw the book
Not started reading it but it looks interesting and I love it.

Nia Shan
06.11.2020, 23:52:58

Favour Asuka, Thank you. I hope when you get around to reading it, it lives up to your expectations.

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