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Don't Fall, Let's Rise In Love


Story about:music, celebrity crush childhood friend

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#739 in Romantic suspense

Complete 35 pages

Publication: 12.12.2020 — 27.01.2021

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Description of book "Don't Fall, Let's Rise In Love"

Prajan and Arav, the rulers of the music industry popularly known as THE DUO enjoy their newly acquired lime light. But all of a sudden, Prajan finds himself in a situation where he loose everything from his relationship to his best friend Arav and his career. Just when he thought he has nothing to loose anymore, he finds his long lost childhood friend Preesha. They find themselves falling for each other but would't admit it. Together, they uncover a murder and suspect their loved ones. Will their suspicion become the truth? Will they admit their love for each other?
To find this out, travel with me to the world full of music, love and suspense.

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