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Don't Open that Door

MC Prelooker

Series: Ghost of Me

Story about:hunters supernatural creatures, alpha ghosts goblins, romance action mystery

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#20 in Supernaturals
#9 in Paranormal Romance

Ongoing: 21 Sep 89 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Don't Open that Door"

After their ordinary vacations are disrupted by a shocking event, Alex and Claire Corban go back home, hoping to resume they ordinary lives. But they've opened a door to a world that will drag them further and further down a road they don't know if they want to tread.

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Polly Ro 01.09.2020, 11:22:31

Great episode, best Supernatural style but with girls! I'll be waiting for the new one next week!

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MC Prelooker 02.09.2020, 13:38:21

Polly Ro, Let's hope you like it too! ;D

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