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Book. "Don't provoke, Princess!" read online

Don't provoke, Princess!

Sasha Wolf

Story about:sex, virgin, domineering man

Age restriction: 18+

10 63

#438 in Romantic erotica
#480 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 11 Oct 12 pages

Publication: 03.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Don't provoke, Princess!"

— Well, are you ready for punishment? — the unexpected guest croaked.
Victoria's eyes widened in surprise, not even trying to resist.
— Do you think I'm a complete idiot?
From the bright light of the bulb, both closed their eyes, coming to their senses from the magic of darkness.
— Or did you seriously think that I wouldn't guess?! Reddy almost growled in anger.
— What are you up to? — Vika was surprised to herself that her voice did not waver.


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