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Double Trouble

Celeste I.

Story about:
twins, peril, sabotage


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#15 in Suspense
#49 in Mystery

Ongoing: 30 May 34 pages

Publication: 10.05.2020 — ...

Description of book "Double Trouble"

Stanley moved to Bleakburn, hoping to start life over, when strange occurrences keep happening around him. Each day, people grow more disheartened and depressed. Each month, someone jumps off the same apartment complex building, that he could afford. Police are scrambling off different cases, unsure of how to handle them.

On top of that, a strange new face appears in his new workplace, one who's taken on Stanley's appearance. His name was Jordan, and besides his name, the only difference between him and Stanley were his eye color and personality. Having a hunch that Jordan is the cause of the occurrences happening around town, Stanley tries to get to the bottom of things. Can he pull it off without digging too deep and losing his sanity?

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