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Down to Earth


Story about:dark romace, demon in love with a human, demon prince

Age restriction: 18+

5 9

#448 in Paranormal Romance
#320 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 27 Feb 4 pages

Publication: 27.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Down to Earth"

Prince Arsiney of Infierno was a curious young man who wishes to see the human world, which no one have ever mentioned about in fear of getting thrown away into the land of no return. Tired of having a monotonous life, he ended up jumping into the portal and landed straight to Nami's bathroom.
The young girl was standing there with a wide eyes looking at the fallen angel? before her eyes.
too startled to move, no one dared to breath and just starred at each other in pure shock and horror on what the hell just happened. As if on a love story ,black feathers started to fall from the sky like a roses being thrown into the air with a love atmosphere into the--
wait what?!!
feathers from the sky?!
only then that the young girl realize her roof was broken down!
"you demon!"


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