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Book. "Dream Car" read online
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#374 in Romantic suspense
#245 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 122 pages

Publication: 18.09.2022 — 30.09.2022

Description of book "Dream Car"

Caroline Bradshaw is a disappointed middle-aged woman who has lost her marriage in a recent divorce, lost her so-called friends who conspired against her, and is estranged from her two sons. Now her only other family member, her ancient father, has passed away leaving her to deal with the funeral on her own.

Her father had long ago suffered a stroke which prevented him driving his dream car, a Jaguar 12-cylinder car that lies abandoned and broken down on his driveway almost hidden by overgrown hedges.

Sitting in the old car she remembers her late mother scrimping and saving to buy the car for him at the time she passed away. Seeing his old Stetson hat on the passenger seat, she puts in on, closes her eyes and is transported to some sort of dream world, the Wild West!


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