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Dream of the Eternal Lovers


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Description of book "Dream of the Eternal Lovers"

The story of college student Johan and middle school student Lucy, who have been having the same dream ever since they could remember. A dream of two lovers who would always fall to some misfortune. Before they meet their end, they swore to be together in the afterlife. History will crash upon Johan and Lucy who will find out that the couple in their dreams were two lovers from the past. They are their reincarnation and are destined to be together.

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Light and dreams
16.06.2022, 19:20:39

Hi! Your novel is very nice! It's my first time reading a novel on booknet! Can you check out my novels as well? I would really appreciate it and would like to know your thoughts on it as well!

Light and dreams
17.06.2022, 09:24:31

LoliGen, Same to you too!

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