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Dream Room


Series: Short Stories and Poetry

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futuristic, dreams, message


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#108 in Science fiction
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Publication: 27.04.2019 — 28.04.2019

Description of book "Dream Room"

A short story based on a novel that I'm currently working on the side.

A futuristic setting that deals with a teenager girl named Zanelle that been having nightmares for a while. And when to see Dr. Goodman, a Oneirology doctor that is helping Zanelle to know why those dreams, well nightmares, keeps occurring. As she goes to sleep to remember, Zanelle goes more in-depth into her dream and starts to find something. Is it a sign? A message? Will it happen later on? Or did it happen in the past?

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Ann Swan 29.04.2019, 14:29:40

what material is this?

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Janeathewriter 30.04.2019, 08:55:21

Ann Swan, What do you mean?

Sam Holte 28.04.2019, 16:41:09

will you publish this novel on here?

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Janeathewriter 30.04.2019, 08:48:39

Sam Holte, Yes, I will publish the novel on here

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