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Dreams Of A Angel 1


Series: Gothic Princess & Angel

Story about:fantasy, lesbian, fantasy romance

Age restriction: 18+

1 18

#243 in Fantasy
#59 in Dark fantasy

Complete 20 pages

Publication: 10.05.2022 — 10.05.2022

Description of book "Dreams Of A Angel 1"

Tessa is a wonderful princess though her parent's have always despised her gothic looks. From black make up to dresses with worn black boots is her style. Tessa is known as Gothic Princess in her kingdom though she has always wondered if dreams came true on having a sweet Angel take her heart away.

Laila is in training to be a wonderful Angel for her wonderous kingdom to be praised by her heart warmth father. Laila is having furious dreams of a angered Princess named Tessa though she can't figure out why she would be furious, Laila will be one sent down to cure this hateful Princess down on Earth.

We are taking a new ride into a lesbian romance involving a Angel and a Gothic Princess...Two different personalities and rocky roads ahead, are you ready?


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