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Eeyora : the start of it all

Shivi writes

Story about:witches werewolves, elemental powers and magic, fantasy

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Description of book "Eeyora : the start of it all"

She was born different. The mere reason changed her life, that she as well became different. Born as the next Luna of the Grey Moon pack and living the life as an Eeyoral Princess, her world is full of unspoken truths and baseless lies.

She's hidden, hidden from the world, the facts, the truths and importantly, she's hidden from herself. Will she ever realise that the actual theories are beyond her expectations? Will she ever uncover the reason of her birth? That she is and is not what everyone around her says she is? That unlike her favourite Disney princesses, maybe she is actually born as a curse and will endanger the lives of many.

She wants to live but when will she realise that with her will to live, she has actually walked to the edge where there is no U-turn.

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Sumaya Ali 21.11.2020, 23:05:05

when are you gonna update the others

Sumaya Ali 21.11.2020, 23:04:28

loved it

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