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Electus 2

Mister E


Story about:love, romance, fantasy

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Ongoing: 26 Oct 191 pages

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Description of book "Electus 2"

Zar from the Clear Lands of Occidentis Ignis breaking relations with the illustratian Alliance, Snow Ignites have revolted and with an army of 300 they led a whole country to a Military shortage, and on top of all that, the Electus arose after 200 years of war.

The unbeatable illustratain Alliance who invaded all of Ignis and wiped out 80% of the Ignites, most of the Snow Ignites is facing the biggest task yet.

"Peaceful Demons" from one of the several Demonic Dimensions have figured out a way to teleport to this world, but with poor results.
They wiped out Kastaria by removing the Demonite from the Source of all Teleportation Powers, which pushed the whole continent out of existence and Ignis is their next target.

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Giggi 28.08.2019, 11:33:38

part 1 still not finished

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Mister E, yes

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