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Emperor And I

Sunset Vermont

Story about:spy, royalty, harem

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#8 in Historical Romance
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Ongoing: 29 Nov 126 pages

Publication: 29.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Emperor And I"

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To the country she was born to, she is Princess Le-anne, bastard child of the king. To the empire she is sold to, she is Lady Wei Li Lian... the traitorous spy.

But who is she really?

A beauty within her own right, all she ever wanted was a peaceful, ordinary life, maybe exploring and traveling the different lands while she was at it. But when she accidentally caught the eagle eye of her estranged royal father, he saw the potential in her and quickly made plans of his own for her.

She was given a single mission: seduce the emperor of the enemy nation of Nevoria and become his empress for the betterment of her own country. Simple, right?

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