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Enchanted 《completed》


Story about:fantasy, teenfiction, teen drama

29 650

#250 in Romantic fantasy
#2012 in Romance

Ongoing: 06 May 71 pages

Publication: 28.12.2021 — ...

Description of book "Enchanted 《completed》"

Alyssa Miller still can't get over her crush on Clydesdale Lawrence, who has repeatedly rejected her, and she hasn't given up on him despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. Clydesdale didn't have the chance to become close to Alyssa during their first year first semester, but by second semester, he was slowly paying attention to her and making friends with her because she and Jordan San Pedro were the only classmates he knew since they resectioned. Will she seize the opportunity to win his heart and make him fall in love with her now that they're in their second year together?

Will she eventually give up and move on with her life, or will she eventually give up?


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