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Enchanted (sample)


Story about:teenromance, fantasy world, fate and destiny

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#1540 in Romance
#352 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 21 Apr 24 pages

Publication: 11.04.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Enchanted (sample) "

Rachel Louisa Wilson is a typical good girl but not a nerd who gets the best grades. She is still figuring out how all her desperate wants come true. She is living a normal life like a normal girl but she doesn't know that she is different. Who will tell her the truth? What will happen when the bad boy starts talking to her?

Christopher Edward De Costa is the bad boy of the school. Girls throw themselves at him but he isn't interested in them. He isn't like the boys who play with girls' hearts. When he laid eyes on Rachel, he knew she was the one. He has been keeping an eye on her for years. He is something else, something new.

What do you think will happen when Rachel finds out about the Enchanted Island? What will happen when she finds out that she isn't normal? Where does she belong? 


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