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#121 in Romantic fantasy
#58 in Supernaturals

Ongoing: 29 Apr 30 pages

Publication: 29.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Estranged Fates"

A dark past lurks within Merilock's memories- a past she remembers nothing of and to which Captain Westcott is tasked to safeguard and keep in order to save both Zith and the world.

But while Merilock is in the midst of discovering who she really is and reigning in her powers, Captain Westcott is in his own identity crisis, as well. He is on the verge of unleashing the werewolf within-- a characteristic that is frowned upon in their society because of the side his kin has always chosen.

Will the crises at hand not hinder the realization of their true feelings and fate? Or will it even give way to the total destruction of their worlds and lives?


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