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Book. "Even a witch can be loved" read online

Even a witch can be loved

Grace Kingston

Story about:love, witch and human

12 129

#567 in Paranormal Romance
#802 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 03 Mar 2 pages

Publication: 19.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Even a witch can be loved"

Jane and Gloria are siblings but their mother Gladys treats them in different ways, she prefers Gloria more than Jane because Jane inherited powerful witch powers from her father's family while Gloria does not have any powers. Gloria also hates her younger sister a lot and she makes Jane's life a living hell at school and also snatches her sister's boyfriend and tells everyone that Jane is a witch. Zack lives next door and he sees Jane every morning. He fell in love with her for the first time upon seeing her. He then purses her and does not care when he finds out she is a witch. He thinks she is a cute witch.


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Beautiful princess
15.04.2021, 05:03:51

Author it been a 1 month since no updatezz! ... plz update author i really like ur storyy!

The Goddess tells you
20.03.2021, 16:05:11

updates author. ..?

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