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Ever Changing Girl

Sherell Cummings

Story about:romantic suspense, tragedy, mental illness

Age restriction: 18+

17 46

#856 in Romantic suspense
#669 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 30 Sep 214 pages

Publication: 30.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Ever Changing Girl"

In a dark box somewhere in Lane Bennett's mind hides Olivia, the personality that wants, needs, and craves life as much as Lane hides from it. With blackouts leaving gaping holes in her memory, Lane remains unaware of the dangerous life Olivia leads especally after an unforgettable night with Castell Taylor. When an encounter with her new boss and Castell's father, Garrett Taylor leaves traces of unease and lingering feelings of fear along with memories that don't belong to her, Lane now has to fight to prove what's real and what's only a figment of her imagination.


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