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Just an intense gaze and she developed an immense bonding and affection towards him. He is just one among many handsome and wealthy CEOs. But his eyes spoke something. When the fear and fascinating moment of meeting him as his employee came,all she could see is a ocean of hatred pooled in his beautiful black eyes. She doesn't deserve his hatred. She believed she knew nothing about him. But her past and fate decided otherwise. He lied in every speck of her vanished memories,memories of her beautiful high school, memories that are long faded.
Follow the journey of Ayla,a clumsy teenager who falls in love with Jayden,a software graduate, gamer and the most eligible bachelor,their passionate love.And their reunion aftermath the accident that took her memories away.Her pain,his hatred.

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Kiranmayi Kamuju 28.11.2020, 11:09:49

Dear Tsillah, The way u r writing is really mesmerising...!
Jayden and ayla had a complex relationship..!
I'm eager to read what will happen next..!

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Tsillah 28.11.2020, 11:51:24

Kiranmayi Kamuju, thanq dear. I'll be updating soon. keep supporting

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 28.11.2020, 05:31:08

atleast Mason knew the truth...

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 23.11.2020, 13:55:15

loved the chapter but too short... why cant Jayden believe her. waiting for next chapter

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Tsillah 23.11.2020, 15:13:06

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, dear, please do. you will know

sarah 21.11.2020, 16:10:54

beautiful story. really engaging. luv u jayden n ayla

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Tsillah 22.11.2020, 16:14:05

sarah, thanq dear. keep supporting

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 22.11.2020, 03:08:20

author can you update next chapter?

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 20.11.2020, 16:47:21 cant wait for next... author can you please update one more chapter

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Tsillah 20.11.2020, 17:39:45

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, yeah sure. another one's coming the following day

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 19.11.2020, 16:51:44

nice chapter.. at last she knew about her past. waiting for Jayden to know the truth and about her accident

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Tsillah 19.11.2020, 16:56:17

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, yeah. it's going to happen soon too. please do wait

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 18.11.2020, 10:36:25

great chapter. waiting for next chapter. Jayden doesn't know about her accident?

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Tsillah 18.11.2020, 10:55:28

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, dear,wait for a while. you will know everything. please do share this with friends. it would help me a lot.

satish maddala 18.11.2020, 10:22:33

please update in telugu also

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 30.10.2020, 06:46:41

wow...cant wait for next chapter. please author update soon. I want to know whether she will have job or not

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Jyothi Chinnabathuni 15.11.2020, 02:15:49

Tsillah, next chapter please

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 26.10.2020, 08:23:49

dear author can you please update one chapter per day. can't wait

The last comment in the thread:

Tsillah 26.10.2020, 19:46:33

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, dear, just give me few days time, just a week and from then, I'll update daily. sorry for the trouble. I'll update another chapter in this week for sure. thank you dear

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 23.10.2020, 12:33:20

Hi Authr,
waiting for the new chapters

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Tsillah 23.10.2020, 20:04:52

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, I have been updating a new chapter for every two days. I may sometimes take more time. Please be patient dear. I've got exams

Jyothi Chinnabathuni 17.10.2020, 10:43:09

great story... waiting for their flash back. when are you leaving their past memories

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Tsillah 17.10.2020, 14:25:52

Tsillah, please like and share

Sunil Kumar 16.10.2020, 21:05:54

Omg? what a lines!! What a writing!!! I can't able to express myself after reading this, you didn't even left a single pin of expression in the whole context, you used each and everything that exits in front of your eyes as weapon of deepest expressions towards your feelings, your way of description about each and every thing!! made me goosebumps..after this, I strongly believe that, you will become an unbelievable top writer i matter what happens, pls don't stop it! You has a bright future!! Thanks for giving this to us and waiting for nxt..

The last comment in the thread:

Tsillah 16.10.2020, 22:16:06

Sunil Kumar, thanks is a small word. I am out of words to express how grateful I am. Please,keep supporting. I'll do my best. Thanks again dear.

Kiranmayi Kamuju 15.10.2020, 11:56:16

Great work, love the description, and waiting for this CEO and employer relationship! ?
Keep going dear ? !

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Kiranmayi Kamuju 15.10.2020, 17:48:28

Tsillah, Ok.. Dear ? !

avinash avi 14.10.2020, 08:17:52

Reading the cool climate made me warm,the lines which u described with much enthusiasm was really awsome..Its soo romantic.Keep it up dear..very intresting.waiting for the remaining..❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Tsillah 14.10.2020, 08:55:20

avinash avi, Dear Avinash,thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this.Pease Keep supporting.

ravi ronaldo 13.10.2020, 18:32:19

It's so brilliant lines you wrote there. Using adverbs is way too good. Adverbs describes adolescence, friendship, and love. That you Nailed it. Anyone who loves to read gorgeous writing will want to appreciate your work. I hope one day you will become another J.K rowling. I also say that may be not today but some day everybody will acknowledge you and your work. Keep writing..... complete this one soon

The last comment in the thread:

Tsillah 13.10.2020, 18:50:33

ravi ronaldo, Thank you so much,dear. It really means a lot. I'll try my best. Please,Keep supporting.

Megha 13.10.2020, 08:54:20

you've been improving. just keep going. the plot is good.
I don't know why, I've many expectations on this.

The last comment in the thread:

Tsillah 13.10.2020, 08:58:56

Megha, Thank you so much. I am trying my best. I hope I'll reach your expectations. Keep supporting me. I am really greatfull.

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